24 May 2012


Hi Friends,

Its been talked lot about Greece & European Crisis. There is too much of Pessimism in Equity Markets Across the Globe.. Most Of the Global Equity Indices are at Make or Break levels. The Break below the threshold levels will turn in a Panic Crash in Equities Across the Globe.

But the Logical thinking say's Its better to be Greedy when Everyone is Fearful.. Dow Jones is at such Inflation Point & its logical to be Greedy at current levels.
Today DJIA Seem to have completed its 4th wave  and it may start heading up in 5th wave towards 13k or higher to 13400.. The said Wave Count will hold True until DJIA is Above 12285. But a move below 12285 will Invalidate the Wave Count & we may then need to look for Other possibilities.

But As of Now I'm bit Positive on All Global Markets & betting for 10+% move within a month.

DJIA is most likely go little higher above the previous top and make New High & Trap the Bulls but the S&P 500 Index may not make New High & reach 1391-1400..

As per my preferred Wave count its final Shoot Up on DJIA before the Crash in July & August. This Wave Count will hold true till DJIAs above 12285.

So lets Wait & Watch..

Thanks & Regards,

Harsh Dixit.

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